Managing Your Candidates with TalentStream Technology
Managing Your Candidates with TalentStream Technology

Posted on 04 August 2015

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A single job opening may invite hundreds of applicants, and when you have several openings across different departments, this may result in you having to sift through thousands of applicants' resumes. It is then imperative that companies have the correct tools needed to manage and sort applicants' data and channel suitable candidates towards relevant openings.

TalentStream Technology is an end-to-end pre-hire platform that provides you with the most efficient way to capture, track and manage your job applicants, ensuring that your available openings can be filled promptly.

More Than Just An Applicant Tracking System

TalentStream Technology provides not just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). TalentStream Technology helps you streamline your entire application process and maximises the number of candidates that apply by lowering the barriers to application. With a mobile-optimised career page, simple "join" form, candidates who apply and upload their resumes will automatically be registered as a member of your Talent Network, effectively eliminating the tedium of manual registration. TalentSteam Technology's fast and accurate parsing technology also instantly pulls and categorises data from submitted resumes into fields that are easily searchable.

For employers, TalentStream Technology provides an easy and intuitive way to increase your candidate pool while gleaning quick information about applicants. Candidates are colour-coded to indicate which stage of the recruitment process they are currently classified under (e.g. awaiting interview slot), and hiring managers are kept engaged through emails sent through the platform, allowing them to respond and update the process easily via email as well.

And when dealing with a larger number of applicants, hiring managers can find themselves struggling to keep track of the status of applicants and deciding who to follow up. TalentStream Technology is entirely automated, greatly reducing the need for duplicate or manual data entry, as even resumes sent via email can have their data extracted swiftly.

Furthermore, you can now keep your candidates engaged at various stages of the application process with automated job alerts emails and remarketing emails. You can also save the hassle of sending emails as TalentStream Technology easily send notification emails (e.g. to set up interviews) to candidates that matches your requirements. 

Powerful Analytics

In addition, TalentSream Technology's advanced report and analytics capabilities will help you understand your candidates' diverse backgrounds and get real-time feedback on your unique recruitment process on a single dashboard. When employers understand the candidates they are attracting and why, they can then maximise the reach of their job postings, tweak these postings to attract suitable candidates, and consequently make better hiring decisions.

TalentStream Technology empowers companies to move candidates through their recruitment processes more efficiently than ever, helping them fill openings with the right talent in the shortest time possible.
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