Computer Science and IT Courses, The Next Direction for Course Seekers
Computer Science and IT Courses, The Next Direction for Course Seekers

By Leon Ng

Posted on 17 May 2017

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Survey findings revealed a significant surge of interest towards Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) courses with 15 percent of the course-seekers votes, making it the second most preferred course. Taking the first spot on the list of top five most preferred courses is traditionally popular Business Studies and Management courses. 
The huge preference for Computer Science and IT courses this year has seen it outdo traditionally popular disciplines such as Finance and Investment and Accounting. This shift of preference can be attributed to an increased demand for essential IT skills and knowledge at the workplace. With business operations becoming increasingly digitalised, the need for IT skills is now more pressing than ever. It is no wonder that Computer Science and IT courses achieved its lofty position as the second most popular course of study in 2016, despite virtual non-existence in previous years’ ranking.

As an important impetus for growth, the incorporation of IT into business operations like marketing to sales, have greatly boosted overall efficiency to become a critical part of firms’ strategies. Due to its new found importance at the workplace, there is now a greater demand from employers for those who possess IT skills like software engineering, coding and data analytics.

In addition to the aforementioned points, the Singapore government has a vision of becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. To achieve this, substantial funds have been set aside to foster and encourage Singaporeans to pursue IT related courses.  With the increased emphasis on IT skills placed by both corporate employers and government, current and future in-demand skills are projected to be IT related.

Moreover, the incorporation of IT into firms’ operations is likely to deem various job functions obsolete in the future whilst ensuing a continual demand for IT skilled talent across industries.  Therefore, employees have to possess the relevant IT skills and the ability to adapt quickly in order to better perform at their role and remain employable. As such, the interest from course-seekers towards computer Science and IT courses is posited to grow exponentially in the future.

As a course provider, recognising this upcoming education trend by tailoring specific course offerings to capitalise on it would attract larger volumes of course-seekers. Tap on this growing trend now by contacting your account manager today to find out how we can assist you in achieving this.

The findings used in this article was drawn from the annual JobsCentral Learning survey conducted by CareerBuilder Singapore which remains the most comprehensive study done on the higher education landscape in Singapore. The JobsCentral Learning survey 2016/17 was based on a total sample size of 4,580 respondents.

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