Brush Up your CV for JCVF!

The JobsCentral Graduate Virtual Career Fair is open for registration!

While signing up, you might notice that uploading your CV is required. So, to score that opportunity you’ve been waiting for, a good, well-updated resume is a must! So open Microsoft Word (or Google Docs, or whatever writing software of choice) and brush up your CV, making sure to look out for:


  1. Keeping your information updated

Make sure your resume has all your relevant qualifications and job experience, especially the most recent ones! If you were retrenched and had to take up part-time employment, you may not wish to go for a chronological resume but use a skills-oriented one instead. You may also want to check if your references and their contact details are still relevant.


  1. Clear and obvious contact details

Speaking of contact details, make sure that yours are up front and easy to see. Many resumes now use standard icons to indicate telephone number, email address, and even LinkedIN profile and portfolio links. This keeps everything neat and tidy, and ensures that the recruiter knows exactly where to look when they want to call you.


  1. Good formatting

Like the standard icons, make sure your CV is readable and has a good flow of information. You may wish to a resume template from Canva or Word, or come up with something of your own. But always remember the basics like using a minimum of Size 11 font, and no fancy graphics and vectors that will only clutter the space! Also, remember to save a PDF version to prevent external editing.


  1. An online version

If you are still submitting your resume as an attachment when you apply, you are in danger of falling behind the times. Most companies now expect candidates to have an online version of their resumes, especially in fields like IT, design and media. In such cases, the resume also serves as a portfolio of sorts, demonstrating your abilities.


  1. A one-page USP slide

Basically, a 1-page Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Slide is a 1-page slide (either in Powerpoint or PDF) that encapsulates all your USPs, testimonials, contact details, and other relevant information. It works to complement your resume, giving the hiring manager a quick look into you and your work. For an in-depth look, click here.


Now that you’ve revamped your resume, get out there and start applying!