5 Really Simple Resume Mistakes

We get back to basics with some really simple (and easily overlooked) resume mistakes. Make sure you check for these before applying!

How to Tailor Your Resume for That Specific Posting

Like a bespoke suit, there’s nothing sharper than a tailored resume. Indeed, go to any jobsearch portal, or ask any recruiter, and they will constantly emphasise how important it is to fit your resume for the job you are applying for.

How to Make your Resume Stand Out in 2020

How to Make your Resume Stand Out in 2020
If there is just one resolution that you must fulfil this year, it is to update your CV. As job hiring trends evolve and the job market becomes more competitive each year, updating your resume will ensure that you stay relevant and ready for new opportunities. We also have some tips to make your resume stand out.

The All-Important Resume

The importance of a well-written resume cannot be overstated. According to The Ladders, a leading job search site, a professionally written resume makes you 38% more likely to be contacted by recruiters, 31% more likely to land an interview, and 40% more likely to land a job.