2015 CareerBuilder Singapore Employers of Choice Survey Press Release
2015 CareerBuilder Singapore Employers of Choice Survey Press Release


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  • Survey by CareerBuilder Singapore shows jobseekers are still conservative when it comes to factors influencing their choice of careers
  • LVMH jumps 86 spots from last year to reach the 25th spot as an Employer of Choice

(SINGAPORE, 3 JULY 2015) – According to the CareerBuilder Singapore’s Employers of Choice 2015 Survey, it looks like the young ones have a mind of their own when it comes to employment. This corresponds with the latest Ministry of Manpower report, which still did not paint a rosy picture for employers in general. The number of available job vacancies currently stands at an eye-opening 63,700, just a slight dip from 67,400 in 2014.

So, here are the big questions both recruiters and organisations have been asking: Where are all the talents, and what are they looking for?

Cash is still king, but comfort is important too

Unsurprisingly, 87.7% of respondents polled favoured a career which offered a fat remuneration package and a close 86.6% considered career growth and opportunities as important. Interestingly, 82.7% cited a comfortable physical work environment as a significant factor in making an organisation an Employer of Choice, followed by job security (81.8%) and employee perks (81.6%).

Civil Service and Aviation: Two Iron Rice Bowls?

Yet, despite the “passion first, money later” perceived mindset of Millennials, you can’t take the sensibilities completely out of them. Of those polled, 6.6% would like to pursue a Public Service career, with the Aviation/Travel sector coming in 5.3%. This is followed closely by the Banking and Financial sector at (4.5%), and Healthcare at 4.4%.

“Now that Millennials are starting to enter the job market, one would think that conventionally wellpaying but desk-bound jobs would take a dip in popularity, but the survey tells us otherwise”, said Jessica Ang, Marketing Director, CareerBuilder Singapore. “With traditionally stable industries such as the government sector and financial services leading the pack, it goes to show that job security is still an important consideration when it comes to choosing a career.”

A taste for luxury in the private sector

Google, with its great employer branding, still retains its throne as the ruling Employer of Choice in the private sector. Singapore Airlines comes in second, with Changi Airport Group (CAG) moving up a spot to third.

In addition, LVMH jumped 86 spots, moving up to 25th out of more than 150 companies in the list. McDonald’s also made a great leap, moving up 72 rungs to reach 23rd on the private sector ladder.

MAS takes the lead in the public sector as an Employer of Choice

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) rose 17 spots this year to be crowned the Employer of Choice in the government sector. The Singapore Tourism Board’s ranking maintained status quo at second, and the Health Promotion Board is tied with the Central Provident Fund Board. The Singapore Workforce Development Agency was the biggest jumper, moving up 58 spots to 23rd .

Goodbye, recruitment print ads?

Additionally, the survey shone a spotlight on both jobseekers and recruiters’ job searching and talenthunting habits. Online job portals are the number one channel for jobseekers – 64.5% of respondents polled have used it in their job search. Job search engines (54.1%) and online search engines (39.8%) are ranked second and third respectively. Moreover, social media, as we all know, isn’t just used solely for social interaction anymore – it can be used for recruitment purposes as well. Social media is now the 8th most popular medium used. This sums up the shift in job searching habits, which have moved on from traditional methods such as print ads.

So, just how do candidates make use of social media in their job search? 17.9% use it to search for job openings, while 13.1% are on it to keep updated on a company profile. 11.3% use social media to ensure that their profile is updated.

“It is only a natural progression that we move on from traditional methods of job searching as we get more technologically-savvy. Thus, it is imperative that employers are open to new forms of recruitment,” said Jessica. “However, it isn’t just about moving your job ads online – in order to get the best out of your talent hunt, there are also many other factors to consider. This includes optimising your corporate career site for mobile browsing, or to invest in a HR solution such as an Applicant Tracking System so that your recruitment process is more streamlined”.


First started in 2006, the 2015 CareerBuilder Singapore Employers of Choice (EOC) Survey (formerly known as the JobsCentral Employer of Choice Survey) aims to measure the career expectations and preferences of local jobseekers (Singaporeans and Permanent Residents) that influence the perceived overall attractiveness of an employer. This includes the potential for career progression, working culture/environment, brand name/recognition and other easily-visible factors. 

A total of 3,134 respondents took the 2015 CareerBuilder Singapore EOC Survey, which was conducted online from 19th May to 29th June 2015.

Using a confidence level of 95 per cent and sample size of 3,134 the results of this survey have a sampling error of +/- 1.75 per cent. This means that for every 100 times, the exact survey is conducted, the results obtained are conformable to a margin of error of +/- 1.75 per cent, 95 per cent of the time. The sampling error for data within sub-sets varies and is higher.

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