2016 BrightSparks Scholarship and Education Survey Press Release
2016 BrightSparks Scholarship and Education Survey Press Release

BrightSparks Survey
Scholarships from Public Sector Favoured Amongst Students
Survey saw a continued preference for the healthcare sector
(Singapore, 1 November 2016): Scholarships offered by the public sector are gaining popularity amongst students, according to the latest BrightSparks Scholarship and Education Survey by CareerBuilder Singapore. Among the top 10 preferred scholarship providers, six are from the public sector.

The Public Service Commission tops the chart while the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) jumped eight spots to the 5th rank this year. Additionally, joining the ranks in the top 10 for the first time is GIC Private Limited.
“The renewed interest in the public sector is not surprising given the slow growth in today’s economy. Students are cautious about their job choices – seeking one that offers income stability and most importantly, job security,” said Jessica Ang, Marketing Director, CareerBuilder Singapore. “Ultimately, a job in the public sector is still seen as an iron rice bowl.”

Healthcare sector continues to be a favourite
The healthcare sector has been gaining traction since last year. While it came in third place last year, the industry emerged as the top choice amongst all student categories this year.

“There is a pressing need to meet manpower demands in the healthcare sector as the government continues to ramp up healthcare infrastructure in preparation for the nations’ rapidly aging population,” Jessica explained. “This recurring interest in the sector is a positive sign for the healthcare industry and it is important for the sector to continue implementing effective HR measures. It will help them reach out to a wider pool of talent, that will benefit Singapore’s healthcare scene.”

Scholarships are the preferred method to finance further education
When asked to rate the top five methods to finance further education, 73.4% of the respondents voted for scholarships; while 56.9% prefers financing through parents.

However, a small percentage of top JC and IB Diploma students (14.5%), JC and IB Diploma students (18.4%) and polytechnic students (12.9%) are still hesitant about applying for scholarships. Some of their key concerns cited include: not wanting to be bonded, the length of the bond and reasons relating to academic requirements.
Top JC and IB Diploma Students

JC and IB Diploma Students

Polytechnic Students

A total of 1,002 respondents participated in the BrightSparks Scholarship & Education Survey held from June to August this year.


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