How to Cast a Wider Net for Applications (and get those difficult demographics!)

Candidate drop-off rate and reaching difficult demographics are recurrent challenges for the recruiter. We introduce Talent Solution, a company-specific, fully-customisable, and mobile-optimised recruitment platform that will help you stem those outflows and net the candidates you want.


If you are in the business of hiring, candidate drop-off is a constant, recurring problem. Glassdoor indicated that the typical drop-off rate for modern day applicants is 80%. Potential hires drop out at every step of the recruitment process, from visitor to registering as a member of the job board, to actual application… until you’re left with perhaps five potentials to interview and a lingering doubt that none of them may fit.

After all, research has shown that only 25% of users actively access Career Sites to look for jobs. In the current environment, they would prefer to scroll on their mobile devices, Google “jobs in my industry” and read the articles, and get recommendations about positions they would like from Facebook and LinkedIN. This is one reason why the old model of a job portal or recruitment agency is slowly going out of use.

But the hyper tech-savvy crowd are not the only ones that drop-off the talent pipeline. Senior candidates, for example, do not want to apply directly to Job Boards. They prefer it when employers approach them, similar to headhunting, and are turned off by the long application process required to set up an account and upload your CV. Mid-career workers are also in the market for jobs, but have psychological reservations about applying at work and fear prying questions should their colleagues see a job portal on their phone screen.

HR Challenge: How to Net these ‘Untapped’ Demographics

As the above shows, there are many jobseekers in the market just waiting for someone to extend them an offer. Also, depending on their stage in life and prior experience, these jobseekers could be unique propositions for the hiring company, like a senior worker who has less technical knowledge but a long history of successful people-management and many industry contacts, or a fresh grad who has written code in exactly the format you want.

Therefore, we need a tool that connects candidate to companies immediately, without long application processes or extensive searching. Also, that must keep candidates updated and interested by providing relevant news, postings and information to them. We can no longer sit back and wait for someone to apply – we should chase after good potentials and ‘woo’ them into our system.

HR Solution: Talent Solution

Hence, Talent Solution (TS). TS leverages the digital technology that our candidates use in their daily lives and connects them to your company.

To do this, TS creates a fully-customisable, mobile-optimised recruitment platform for your company and your company alone. This way, aside from just job postings, the recruitment platform can help establish your employee brand by displaying company vision and mission, key competitive advantages, career promotion paths, new job opportunities… the list goes on. Our statistics show that we have up to 60% of candidates access to websites through mobile devices. With best practices of Talent Solution, this number comes up to more than 60%.

With a single click/tap of the “Join” button, the candidate can immediately gain access to all the information above on any device, anywhere – making the application process smooth, simple and easy. TS’s “Join our talent network” button can be put everywhere to lead candidates to your TS such as: LinkedIN, Facebook, job board postings, or simply a relevant email address.

In this way, TS helps attract potential candidates from off-the-beaten-track. They can “Join” from their SNS feed, via an email, or anywhere they saw (and tapped!) the button. (We recommend putting it on all your corporate communication to ensure the maximum number of people can see it.)

Once a candidate has joined, TS’s automated email system will ensure they don’t want to leave. It will send a variety of time-sensitive automatic emails from the basic welcome email to Job Alert emails and Interview Invites. Our data shows that these automatic and customised emails enjoy a high success rate, with 3 times the open rate and 10 times the click rate compared to the generalised Job Alerts. As a bonus, the automated email system shows how professional and digitised your company is – something to be proud of!

If you’re looking to broaden your applicant pool and drop “candidate-drop”, TS is definitely a solution worth considering.

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