Connect with Potential Candidates with TalentSolution and SocialReferral

Current hiring solutions tend toward optimising the job board or career portal. But is that enough? TalentSolution and SocialReferral can help your company get applications from those outside the traditional sources, even when they are still “on the job”.


According to our research, job searching happens largely outside of career sites like job portals or job boards. 90% of internet users use their mobile devices, 63% use search engines, 67% use social media and only 25% access career sites. Also, this 25% only uses the career site when actually looking for a job.

However, a CareerBuilder survey shows that 85% of potential candidates are not always ready to apply for a job but they are always ready to connect and engage with their interested companies. They are interested in what positions are available, what projects are in the pipeline, and in these times, how a company is taking care of its employees through the current crisis. It stands to reason that should they have a good impression of a company, they will apply when they have the chance or refer others to it.

HR Challenge: How to Keep Potential Candidates Engaged and Get Referrals

These people are potentials. While they are currently employed, they may be looking for a career switch or open to new opportunities. Hence, they won’t be on the job boards – it’s too tedious and their bosses or colleagues may notice and raise unwanted objections – but they are open to offers.

So they’re looking out for employment in other places. 8 in 10 Singaporeans are active social media users, and Singaporeans spend at least 7 hours and 2 minutes every day online with 2 hours and 8 minutes for social media platforms.

The challenge, then, is to provide information about your company and the opportunities available in a relevant and unobtrusive way that easily integrates into current digital lifestyles. How can you connect with people beyond the job posting and let them know about your company as a whole?

HR Solutions: Talent Solution and SocialReferral

Talent Solution

Talent Solution (TS) is a recruitment solution where we essentially build a recruitment platform tailored to your company. In this way, TS leverages the digital technology that our candidates use in their daily lives to provide an “information pipeline” from your company to potential candidates.

After filling your company page with relevant information like mission and goals, employment opportunities available, and organisational scope, TS generates a “Join” button that you can place on your company Facebook, LinkedIN or website. With a click of this button, a potential candidate can access all he or she needs to know about your company – no need to trawl multiple Facebook pages or jump from news site to news site.

It also signs them up for automated email alerts tailored to their job needs. Email marketing remains one of the strongest marketing channels, even more so in a digitally connected society like ours. Our data shows that these automatic and customised emails enjoy a high success rate, with 3 times the open rate and 10 times the click rate compared to the generalised Job Alerts.

In this way, TS connects people to a pipeline of job-related information about your company that is relevant and non-intrusive, thus securing interest and appraisal which, in time, leads to application.


While job alerts and company news make for a good “introduction” for your company, retaining engagement is difficult. Also, potential employees are becoming more and more interested in what a company is like rather than pay packages or corporate releases.

In this case, build your brand image as an employer with SocialReferral. SocialReferral is an SNS for companies, which provides a platform for employees to share content, engage with each other, and in doing so author an authentic company story. You can host hashtag challenges, provide incentives, and promote an existing referral plan. It also boosts employee referral schemes, as existing employees can more easily recommend and refer people for open positions.

By making for employees to share their work experiences, the result is an authentic brand that attracts and resonates with job seekers.

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