Tech Tools that Reduce Hiring Costs
Tech Tools that Reduce Hiring Costs

Posted on 18 March 2021


The role of HR has become particularly compelling this year, as organisations strive to meet human capital requirements while keeping the cost of searching for that human capital under control.

Since hiring is slowly recommencing, it is an opportune time to take a step back and re-examine your HR strategy to ensure it fits your company’s new needs and the changed hiring environment. After all, an effective hiring strategy needs to find, screen and retain the correct people in the correct positions – and with all the changes wrought by the pandemic, are the old methods still doing that?

CareerBuilder’s suite of hiring solutions promises to cover all bases and give your company an updated, competitive advantage in the talent acquisition sphere. Our products include:

  • Make your company stand out with Broadbean

  • In terms of visibility, Broadbean gets you out there like nothing else can. Broadbean is the global, market-leading job posting system that enables you to instantly distribute adverts to thousands of job boards and social media.

    The social media distribution is particularly vital as it gets engagement from those “off the beaten track” or applicants who only use job boards or portals when actively searching for a job. To catch their eye during the “downtime”, make sure you are visible on LinkedIN, Facebook and Telegram as well.

  • Funnel candidates with TextKernel

  • TextKernel uses AI-powered technology to provide an extensively customisable search function that parses every candidate through all the criteria you require. Then, every candidate is automatically awarded a “Score” according to how well they match your search. Using the score, you can tell how suitable a candidate is with just a glance, and you can compare candidates to each other as well.

    The interface is so nimble you can divide your criteria into “required” (must have) and “desirable” (nice to have), which helps analyse candidates for their suitability. Also, TextKernel’s search function automatically includes synonyms and suggests related keywords to make sure you don’t miss a candidate that might fit.

  • Establish a consistent brand image with Talent Solution

  • Talent Solution creates a fully-customisable, mobile-optimised recruitment platform for your company and your company alone. With a single click/tap of the “Join” button, the candidate can immediately gain access all the relevant company information on any device, anywhere – making the application process smooth, simple and easy.

    Once a candidate has joined, TS’s automated email system will ensure they don’t want to leave. It will send a variety of time-sensitive automatic emails from the basic welcome email to Job Alert emails and Interview Invites.

  • Build consistent brand loyalty with SocialReferral

  • More than your corporate website, news articles, and reviewer aggregate sites, people trust those that they know. That’s what makes SocialReferral such a powerful tool for attracting high quality job referrals and creating an engaged and authentic company culture.

    SocialReferral is an employer-based social network that lets you tell your brand story authentically, by engaging employees as SocialReferral brand ambassadors. Thus, it focuses on your employees as your best brand ambassadors by helping them share job openings and raise brand visibility and consciousness.

Interested in HR Solutions? Email for a demo, or contact your CareerBuilder rep to learn more.

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