TalentStream Recruit: A Smarter Recruitment Solution
TalentStream Recruit: A Smarter Recruitment Solution

By Geralyne Kaye

Posted on 26 October 2016

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A comprehensive recruitment management solution, TalentStream Recruit (TSR) refines the source to hire process on one easy-to-use platform. 

More than your typical Applicant Tracking System (ATS), TSR is an all-encompassing software built with the modern HR professional and job applicant in mind. It helps to address common recruitment pain points which include, efficiency of recruitment process, simplicity of the recruitment system, talent pool management and optimisation of recruitment analytics.

Studies show that companies generally use an average of 12 different HR recruitment tools, to source and manage their recruitment needs. Imagine consolidating and analysing reports from 12 different tools is an inefficient use of time, and seems to suggest complicated interdepartmental workflows. TSR, however, removes this hassle and provides HR professionals the essential tools to attract quality talent, improve recruitment processes and manage internal hiring processes methodologically on a single platform.

“It was a challenge for us to get our franchises to use recruitment software and now we have 75 percent of the franchises using TalentStream Recruit and love it. They are able to quickly view candidates, set up interviews and engage with these candidates on a consistent basis.”
Shelley Pederson, Recruitment Specialist, Sears Home & Outlet

Simplified User Experience
The fundamental features of TSR are its easy-to-navigate, fully-configurable and intuitive platform. Essential HR management tools and important data reports are strategically displayed and located for easy navigation. Recognizing that recruitment cannot be approached with a one-sized-fit-all solution, TSR offers configurable ATS workflow options catered to streamline your unique recruitment process.

Apart from playing a pivotal role in improving your company’s recruiting efforts, TSR’s easy-to-navigate platform will help attract more job applicants. Surveys reveal that 3 in 5 job applicants, will terminate a job application process due to complicated and convoluted job application procedures. In a bid to curb high drop-off rates and encourage job application, TSR refined its job application process. As compared to its competitors, it is faster, more straightforward and optimised for various mobile platforms – allowing for more job applications to be made on-the-go. 

Talent Pool Management
The talent pool or network of job applicants is formed with the contacts which you would have previously sourced, instead of building a new pool from scratch. TSR does so with the help of a patented parsing technology which consolidates all soft or hard copies of resumes, contact information of sourced candidates into one database.
If a search in your current talent pool fails to yield a suitable match for a job vacancy, the in-built job distribution tool will assist in expanding your search. This feature assists in posting the job opening on over 7,000 job search platforms internationally, doing away with the time-consuming manual process of putting up a job vacancy advertisement.

Programmed to continuously interact with job applicants and attract job applications, TSR automatically engages contacts in the talent pool with remarketing emails and informs them of job vacancies periodically. Research conducted on re-engagement emails, have shown a high 70 per cent open rate. Proving that continual interaction is an effective method to engage even the most passive candidates, to apply for a job vacancy when a favourable opportunity presents itself.

“CareerBuilder has been a great asset to Credit Union 1’s recruitment strategy. Our CareerBuilder rep really cares and answers all of our questions and needs.”
Sue Heyen, Vice-President of Human Resources, Credit Union 1

Tracking and Analytics
Being a holistic recruitment solution, TSR is able to track recruiter performance, success of external sources, performance of team members and key internal metrics to name a few. Additionally, having the essential HR tools gathered together on a single platform, allows for more concise reports to be generated in real-time, as more parameters and data are made available.

A Dedicated Team
No matter how useful a software may be, without the proper introduction or implementation, a great system would lay redundant. So when it comes to using TSR, you can leave your worries regarding post-purchasing woes at the door. A dedicated post-service team will be assigned to your project, to ensure careful implementation and proactive monitoring of TSR to encourage adoption. 

Want to know more about how TalentStream Recruit can assist with your company’s recruitment strategies? Request for a demonstration today at: sgenquiry@careerbuilder.com

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