TalentStream Engage: Extend Your Reach and Capture the Right Candidates
TalentStream Engage: Extend Your Reach and Capture the Right Candidates

By Geralyne Kaye

Posted on 07 September 2016

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A multi-platform optimised Human Resource (HR) tool built with CareerBuilder’s proprietary matching technology, TalentStream Engage (TSE) increases relevant candidate matches on one platform.

A fully configurable job application site, TSE is fully optimised for a multitude of platforms and strategically crafted to continuously interact, and build a pipeline of passive and active candidates.

TSE is a comprehensive and meticulously refined career site, tested with 3 million jobseekers and designed to increase Expression of Interests. Addressing common pain points experienced by employers and jobseekers, TSE builds a constant pipeline of relevant candidates, interacts with passive job seekers and simplifies the user experience.
Building a Talent Network
The concept of TSE is similar to passing out name cards during networking sessions. It helps to build a steady pipeline of relevant candidates, by providing an avenue for jobseekers to leave their virtual calling card on any one of your communicative channels – website, social media, et cetera. Once the system receives the jobseeker’s contact information, TSE’s built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software kicks in.

The CRM software leverages on CareerBuilder’s proprietary software, which matches a jobseeker’s area of interest, job title, and location, to the vacancies within your company. Not just for one jobseeker, but for all. TSE is able to deliver relevant job openings to your entire talent pipeline automatically, without anyone having to lift a finger.

Simplified User Experience
Most applicant tracking systems require candidates to fill up convoluted application forms, before an application can be submitted - which can be frustrating and lead to drop-offs. TSE solves that pain point by providing an easy way for candidates to express their interests in available job openings on-the-go, even when they are not ready to apply.

By simplifying this process, precious time and money is saved. Not only does this simplification benefit the user, it significantly decreases the percentage of candidate application drop-off rate, which provides you more profiles to source.

The way we consume information has changed drastically over the last few years, technology advancement has allowed the Internet to be accessible on many platforms. So why should job portals be made accessible only for computer-based users?

With a compendious system optimised for a multitude of platforms, TSE allows jobseekers to access jobs on-the-go and at their convenience. The career site interacts with jobseekers through alternative methods regardless whether offline, online or mobile. No longer will there lie barriers for adoption as your company’s job site will be optimised, ensuring a greater level of candidate interaction and lower drop-off rates.

One Resume Application, Endless Opportunities
Unlike most job application sites which work on the basis of one resume per job opening, TSE keeps jobseeker resumes within the system. This is even when said job opening expires, resumes will be kept until a suitable job vacancy presents itself. Not only does this process help build a steady pipeline of relevant candidates and re-engage jobseekers in the process, it also helps maximise your recruitment investment.

With CareerBuilder’s proprietary matching technology and years of research, TSE is programmed to match and notify suitable candidates to job openings automatically via email. Research conducted has shown that TSE’s re-engagement emails, have a proven 70 per cent open rate. Proving that this is an effective method which engages even the most passive candidates to apply when a favourable opportunity presents itself.

Want to know more about how TalentStream Engage can assist with your company’s hiring strategy? Request for a demonstration today at: sgenquiry@careerbuilder.com
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