Engage Relevant Referrals through Your Employees
Engage Relevant Referrals through Your Employees

By Geralyne Kaye

Posted on 05 July 2016

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Update as at 2 February 2017: This article was written before SocialReferral was renamed as Talent Referral. All features highlighted here still apply and is accurate at this time.

A game changer in the human resource space, SocialReferral is an efficacious tool aimed at boosting employee referral hires.  

As an employee referral HR tool, SocialReferral helps employers find suitable quality hires based on their employees’ social networks. The tool engages employees in the hiring process and increases the number of referral hires, which ultimately reduces recruitment advertising and sourcing costs. 

By leveraging on an employee’s pool of social networks and communication apps, SocialReferral is able to match suitable candidates to job openings. The algorithm automatically suggests smart job matches for employees to refer, based on their social networks, department and location parameters. This helps remove barriers to employee engagement, and concentrates the talent pool by sieving out quality referrals.

SocialReferral facilitates an employee’s sharing of available job openings via three sharing channels: social media, messaging or email. The program supports well-known social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Employee Referral Programs
An internal recruitment strategy used by many companies to source for potential quality hires, employee referrals have a proven track record of being one of the most effective ways to hire. Research have shown that a higher application-to-hire ratio, retention, satisfaction and on-the-job job performance is experienced with companies who practice employee referrals - internationally renowned companies Google adopt this method of recruitment.  

Analytics Tracking
Monitor the progress of how well your referrals fair with in-depth analytical tracking. SocialReferral tracks seven types of pertinent data to provide insights to referral progress. These include actively referring employees, job openings, job invites sent, shares on social media, applications, clicks and successful hires. Data is collected from the traceable link that is automatically included in each referral post shared on social networks, which is then delivered by means of a visual analytic report.

Employee Recognition and Rewards
In a bid to gamify the SocialReferral application, there is an incentive point system in place to encourage employees’ interaction and participation in the program. Points are awarded to employees for each successful referral and can be exchanged for prizes. Additionally, monthly competitions can be run to reward the best performing employees for their efforts! 

Success Stories
Multinational telecommunications giant Vodafone and renowned Greek retail store Jumbo’s success stories, are just two of the many companies which have adopted SocialReferral as part of their recruitment initiative.

With over 92,000 employees, Vodafone had experienced a significant increase of quality referral hire, from 10% to 50%. Jumbo on the other hand successfully recruited more than a hundred new employees, for a new concept store within a short period of a month. Both companies saw encouraging tangible results after adoption within a short period of time, which reiterates the effectiveness of SocialReferral being an efficacious recruitment tool.

Want to know more about how the benefits of SocialReferral can assist your company? Request for a demonstration today at: sgenquiry@careerbuilder.com

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