An Introduction to SocialReferral

An introduction to SocialReferral – a powerful tool for attracting high-quality job referrals and creating an engaged and authentic company culture.

More than your corporate website, news articles, and reviewer aggregate sites, people trust those that they know. That’s what makes CareerBuilder’s SocialReferral such a powerful tool for attracting high quality job referrals and creating an engaged and authentic company culture.   

SocialReferral is an employer-based social network that lets you tell your brand story authentically, by engaging employees as SocialReferral brand ambassadors. Using a timeline, similar to Twitter and Instagram, it provides a platform for employees to participate in hashtag challenges and win prizes, and share posts on SocialReferral on their social media as well.  

Thus, it focuses on your employees as your best brand ambassadors by helping them share job openings and raise brand visibility and consciousness. For the employer, this means more employee referrals that net qualified job candidates, and a credible and open company culture. 

What are the benefits of SocialReferral?

SocialReferral can guarantee three key benefits to employers. It: 

1. Increases employee referrals 

It is 55% faster to hire candidates referred by employees, and they are 13% more likely to stay for the long-term. Also, referred candidates have invisibly been “vetted” for fit and personality by someone already with the company, making them exceptionally desirable recommendations. 

Using SocialReferral, employees can get engaged as SocialReferral Ambassadors. It allows employees to easily share job postings on their personal networks and get rewards for doing so. The tool will then help them refer their friends, notify them about new job openings, and track the rewards they earned from engaging in these activities. This happens automatically, saving time and rewarding employees for their engagement with your company. 

2. Builds an authentic employer brand 

As employees can share their work experiences on the platform, they will naturally create a snapshot of what it’s like to work at your company. More than review aggregators, which can be “pumped up” through false information, potential applicants will be able to see the details of your employees’ work in an open and unbiased setting. Then, they can judge if they fit your company. 

Also, SocialReferral is a platform similar to Instagram, making it easy to scroll through and navigate. Potential applicants can get an authentic view of your company culture and office space through pictures, videos and hashtag challenges.

3. Promotes company engagement 

Employees often congregate naturally, so giving them an online space to do so will be welcomed. Using SocialReferral, employees can swap stories, get advice, and engage with each other to build a better company experience. 

Hashtag challenges and rewards for referrals provide an impetus for increased employee engagement as well. 

What are the advantages of SocialReferral? 


SocialReferral integrates with existing employee referral programmes and automates their tracking systems to make it easy for you to reward your employees.  


SocialReferral makes it easy for your employees to propagate your brand, as they can share job postings on their personal networks, join hashtag challenges, and then receive their rewards automatically.  


Unlike other platforms, SocialReferral is a mobile-first platform that has the employee user experience at heart. It empowers employees to easily create and share content and job postings with their external networks, while incentivising them via competitions and rewards.  


SocialReferral puts your brand story in the hands of your employees, whose real-time sharing and participation will foster a credible and authentic image of your brand. Those looking to apply will be able to look through your SocialReferral portal and hence get a clear picture on what you’re all about. 


There is no need for specialized setup and installation. SocialReferral integrates with certain ATS platforms and can sync to your career site to pull in candidates and track referrals automatically. 


The tool comes with dedicated community managers who will spend at least two hours a week helping you run your Ambassador program, to optimise and track its success. 

Who would benefit from SocialReferral?

Companies who would benefit greatly from SocialReferral are those looking to: 
  • Grow their referral program 
  • Share their brand authentically 
  • Have an employee advocacy tool 
  • Increase their referral resources 
  • Automate and track their rewards for referrals 

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