The Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Recruitment Summit 2015

The Global Recruiter

30 September & 01 October 2015
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Innovation in talent acquisition - enabling the recruitment process to become more efficient, more successful and fully focused on finding and securing the best people.

Look for CareerBuilder Singapore at The Global Recruiter’s 2015 Asia Pacific Recruitment Summit. The 2015 Recruitment Summit brings together industry leaders to debate, discuss and inform about how innovation and technology can power recruitment companies to greater success in the region.

This year’s summit identifies what makes a difference for recruiters and places that discussion front and centre in the events’ presentations and discussion panels. Technology – from social media to CRM, from ATS to job boards – can effectively power up a recruitment business. But understanding these elements within the sector can also help HR departments in their quest to deliver smooth running selection and onboarding processes. Whether recruiters are working on a contingent basis, on RPO agreements or as contractor suppliers, the right systems, deployed effectively can make a big difference for all concerned.

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