Sector Spotlight: Creative Industries

Contrary to popular belief, there is a thriving creative and arts scene in Singapore with careers to match. As we have the highest mobile penetration rate in the world and the most active consumers of online video, Singapore is an ideal testing bed for newcomers into the game, entertainment and app industry, and many big names have chosen to set up their officers here. Take a look into what’s available and you may be the next big player.

Industry Outlook and Career Opportunities

While “live” arts activities such as performances and shows may have taken a backseat, this is a sector ripe with growth potential and young talent. As an engine of growth and disruption, this is a place where ideas and born and the soil to grow them is laid.

Opportunities include careers in game design, app development, content strategy and more.

Fast facts include:

  • 1st in Asia for attracting a diverse base of global talent, according to EY Global Cultural Times Report
  • 9th most creative country in the world, according to Martin Prosperity Institute’s Global Creativity Index.
  • 2nd in Insead’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017


What is a career in the creative industries like?

While many eventually choose to strike out on their own, “starter” jobs are popular with fresh graduates looking to get a foothold in the industry.

These include:

Game Designer

  • Diploma in a related field
  • 0-2 years experience
  • 2,500 SGD – 2,700 SGD / Month
  • As a game designer, you will be intimately involved with the conceptualisation, design and implementation of game projects in the running. The role may include analysis of monetisation techniques and discerns to apply to the game, developing comprehensive game design documents and specifications and analysing user feedback and social metrics to adjust gameplay and design.

Graphic Designer

  • Diploma in a related field or extensive work experience
  • 3-4 years experience
  • 2,500 SGD – 2,700 SGD / Month
  • This position requires an eye for art, as you will be helping to manage a company’s communications strategy, including graphic designing. This may include designing creatives for social media channels, developing advertising campaigns and keeping up with social media trends to improve brand presence and campaign efficacy. Increasingly, companies are looking for graphic designers comfortable with working in the digital realm, whose designs reflect the latest trends.

Content Strategist

  • Diploma in a related field or extensive work experience
  • 3-4 years experience
  • 4,000 SGD – 6,500 SGD / Month
  • A senior position for those with more industry experience, a content strategist plans the company’s creative schedule for maximum efficiency and returns. Under his or her charge is the entire digital campaign calendar and which includes content on web, social media, video, database marketing, and advertising copy. The role expects results in terms of engagement, increased sales, or increased brand recognition.

App Developer

  • Diploma or Degree in a related field, or work experience
  • 0-3 years experience
  • 2,500 SGD – 4,000 SGD / Month
  • An app developer participates in coding, engineering and ensuring the app runs smoothly and according to specification. This position typically requires knowledge of certain key software or coding ability, such as Unity, Swift or Python. Thus, employers may be willing to overlook a lack of experience or qualifications to prioritise a good attitude, willingness to learn, and team engagement.


What qualifications are needed for a career in this sector?

As the positions above show, the creative industries definitely value experience and a powerful portfolio over paper qualifications. Even senior positions prioritise years of experience, requiring no more than a diploma in terms of book learning.

However, this means that you may find it difficult to land a coveted job fresh out of school. It is recommended that those wishing to enter the industry lay the “groundwork” through networking, volunteering, and other unpaid activities first before trying for a promotion or higher position. Another option is to start in a junior role such as a graphic designer and work your way up.


What career opportunities are there in the sector?

A career in creativity is as broad as the sector itself, which comprises paid employees, freelancers, consultants and any number of mixes of these. It is best to choose what suits you and move from there, keeping faith in the constant influx of opportunities coming into this sector from global names and homegrown startups. Apply yourself creatively and success will follow!

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