Hot Industries in the Covid-19 period

The spread of Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on hiring and jobs. Which industries are unaffected, or even booming? We take a look.

Across the world, jobs and businesses have been weathering the negative impact of Covid-19. Unavoidably, people are facing wage cuts, companies are downsizing, and hiring plans are shelved as everyone buckles down in the new hyper-cautious climate.

If you are a jobseeker, you may feel the situation is bleak. However, there is always a silver lining – several industries are not only set to weather the storm, some are even booming as the “new normal” requires new skills and competencies.

So for your next job search, why not try focusing on one of the following?

  1. Logistics

    When everyone suddenly needed to stay home, the importance of logistics jumped to the fore. People are ordering online more than ever before, and this isn’t set to change even in a post-circuit breaker world (especially as many have now seen the convenience and ease of online payment and door-to-door delivery).

    Also, logistics is not all driving vans and ticking checklists in warehouses. Many executive-level positions are available, from coordinating the supply chain to managing demand overseas. Some positions are also looking for specific knowledge of air freight, or rules and regulations regarding import and export – and they are willing to pay for the right person.

  1. Big data

    The ability to extract information from huge datasets is as difficult as it sounds, and in just as much demand. Broadly, data analytics is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the intent of finding out useful information for supporting decision-making. Insights from the data help inform business decisions about everything from hiring to acquisition.

    This industry has remained in-demand throughout the impact of Covid-19 and is set to continue. More and more companies are embracing the need to mine their datasets for insights about what to do next. And in line with Singapore’s push into a fully digitalized economy, local companies and SMEs are on the lookout for data analysts, data scientists and everything in-between. This creates a robust industry on the lookout for talent to help them make sense of their data – definitely a place for the new jobseeker to look.

  1. Medicine and Healthcare

    We need medical professionals now more than ever. This doesn’t only refer to doctors and nurses – there are many healthcare-related positions actively recruiting now. These include maintenance roles, pharmaceutical roles and frontline staff like receptionists and social workers.

    Of particular note are support staff like lab technicians and maintenance workers, who have experienced a surge in demand as their shifts are shortened and house-calls become the norm. The field is ripe with opportunity!

  1. Public Service

    The government has scaled up its hiring in response to Covid-19, both in terms of linking up applicants with potential hirers through SGUnited programmes and other initiatives, and by opening up various positions itself. This includes satellite career centres in 24 towns.

    Its own recruitment efforts include a variety of positions for different skillsets, from TraceTogether customer executives to Grant Support executives at statutory boards.

Remember, the most important step in getting a job is applying. Be open to possibility and seize the day in one of the in-demand industries!

Health photo created by freepik