Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Fresh Graduates
Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Fresh Graduates

By Jorden Tan

Posted on 13 September 2018

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Should I hire a Fresh Graduate or Experienced staff? This very common question arises in the meeting room when deciding who should fill an upcoming role. It is a tough decision because a bad hire usually ends up as an expenditure to the company in terms of time and money.

Most companies go for experienced hires for the fact that the hire would have prior knowledge and probably would not need much training and is ready to add value and grow the business.

However, hiring experienced staff usually comes with a cost. Their salaries are higher, they have their own way of working and probably have more requests for their remuneration plan.

Fresh graduates are much more affordable due to the lack of experience, expertise of an industry and requires training. But in recent years, we do see a growth in the hiring for Fresh Graduates via internship programmes or management trainee programme. These programmes put in place to nurture and groom the best talents for any organization.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be looking at hiring Fresh Graduate to better your business.
  1. Creation of an Innovative Culture
What these Fresh Graduates lack in experience, they make up with innovative ideas. They are well equipped with the latest technologies, methodologies and process that might be beneficial to your organization.
Take for example; in the past, selling of property did via Newspaper, Banner at the property or word of mouth.
With the introduction of Social Media, you tend to see younger agents leveraging on the technology to display their property via Video walkthrough or some even go to the extent of VR. This does 2 things, it increases the viewership because things are digital and 80% of Singaporeans are connected to Social Media (Newspaper is limited by the number of papers that is printed, Banner is limited by traffic around the property). Secondly, it gives an experience to the viewer, in the past, if I wanted to view a property, I’ll have to take half a day, meet the agent and have a viewing. But with technology, I can have a brief view of the property even before heading down for an appointment, saving valuable time for buyers.

  1. Nurturing Talent
Fresh Graduates being like “Fresh Paper” are much easier to mould and nurture as compared to an experienced worker who has knowledge that might even surpass yours. But if we compare the willingness to learn, you will notice that Fresh Graduates possess the tenacity, the enthusiasm and the excitement to learn at every opportunity that is given to them.
For example; If you hire an experienced employee and your company uses a different Customer Relationship System, it will take them quite a while to get used to the new system, learning how to key in details and etc.
Fresh Graduates are exposed to all kinds of knowledge that can be found anywhere. This gives them a faster learning curve compared to their experienced counterparts.
  1. No job experience doesn’t mean no experience at all
In the current space, how we account for experience? Does volunteering consider as experience? Does working part-time during school consider experience?
What I noticed is that many companies nowadays account for volunteer work as a gauge to see if the student has leadership qualities, planning and etc.
With schools promoting the enhancement of softskills, a lot of students are required to pick up a CCA (Co-Curriculum Activity) in pick up softskills.

For example, a term as Club President can teach the student communication skills, leadership skills and planning skills. These are things that were not taught in the textbooks, but outside of the classroom.
Thus, do not mistake non-traditional for no experience!
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Article contributed by Jorden Tan
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