Tech and HR: A Win-Win Relationship
Tech and HR: A Win-Win Relationship

Posted on 20 March 2015

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There is little that technology has yet to create an impact on in this day and age. It has changed the way we work, communicate and derive entertainment. The long arms of technology have also, as we already know, extended invaluable help and support to our dear HR professionals. Here are some areas that see HR professionals benefitting from technology.

Technology has made a significant impact on HR operations, especially in the area of recruitment. Prior to the internet, recruiters had to rely mostly on print advertisements apart from headhunting and participating in networking sessions. One downside of print ads was the limited reach to key audiences due to limited resources.
Fortunately, this is a problem of the past as online career portals have proven that they are worth their salt, considering their stellar efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Technology has also helped employers recruit and hire from the Millennial generation, a generation described to not only be digitally-savvy, but digitally-reliant.   
Remote working

HR professionals can now train new staff members efficiently regardless of any semblance of distance, thanks to technology. The ability to access information from staff members in remote locations eliminates the need for trainers to work directly with new hires. In addition, it is also possible to conduct meetings or even initial-stage interview sessions remotely through video-conferencing, effectively saving both parties’ time and money that otherwise would’ve been pumped into travelling.  
Technology has also allowed discussion and idea-sharing among staff members without them being in the same room or having to attend back-to-back meetings. Through the use of enterprise Instant Messaging platforms and mobile applications, co-workers are able to collaborate on-the-go and regardless of being in different locations.

Paperless Work

Walk into any HR professional's office and the first thing you would notice is their piles of paperwork, or rows of filing cabinets filled with documents. They would also be hunched over their desks for hours, performing HR-related admin duties relating to payrolls and expense claims. 

Well, this will soon become a scene of yore. These days, an exponential rise in efficiency level is due to technology. With the ability to automate processes such as the production of paychecks and management of invoices, HR personnel are able to maximise their precious hours - for instance, their time can be channeled to other work involving the element of human connection.

Performance Management

Enhanced performance management is also a result of technological advancements. HR professionals can now make use of technology to assess employee performance and receive feedback from employees. SaaS solutions have proven to be invaluable in creating and collating employee data - a long and arduous task if done manually. 

In addition, with companies benefitting from globalisation, SaaS solutions will allow other managers and supervisors based overseas to be updated about their staff's performance back home, making it an incredibly useful fount of information. 
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