Corporate Team-bonding Activities
Corporate Team-bonding Activities

Posted on 31 March 2015

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Talk about team-building and one thing comes to mind: employees basking in the relentless hot sun and performing menial “tasks” such as gunny sack races in the name of team work.
Well, it shouldn’t have to be a drag.
A team-building activity should not only promote interaction among co-workers - it should be engaging for all as well. Team-building exercises require the entire company to work together as an entire team, thereby allowing colleagues from different departments to talk to and catch up with one another. Hard pressed for team-building activity ideas? Here are some interesting ones:
Bass Friends Forever
Percussion-playing is a great team-bonding activity as it is best performed in a group. While getting to know each other better, employees can also take the opportunity to learn to play new instruments in unison. At Hibikiya, a Japanese music studio based in Singapore, drum lessons can also double up as workout sessions – these drum-beating lessons can contribute to firming up your upper-arms!
Play with your food

If you’re Singaporean, you’re a natural foodie. This is why it makes sense to have your team bond over the numero uno pastime in Singapore: Eating! At Food Playground, your team will be able to work together to create edible works of art under the guidance of their culinary instructors. Best part? You get to eat them!
Get lost

Escape room games are all the buzz right now. Just what exactly is an escape room game, you may ask. Basically, it constitutes various puzzles that a group of adventurous folks have to solve in a stipulated length of time in order to ‘escape’ from their locked room. The escape game requires players to be observant and wield critical-thinking skills when solving their challenges and riddles – no room (pardon the pun) for slacking here! Since this is intended to be a cosy group activity, it is perfect for smaller companies.
Be a mugger

Mugs can be more than just a vessel for your daily dose of caffeine – it can even be part of a team-building programme. At Clay Street, you and your co-workers can work in teams and be guided to mould a set of thematic mugs based on specific themes (e.g. corporate identity). At the end of the day, the company gets to interact with each other through achieving a common and fun goal. Since it is your very own personalised cup, you won’t ever find your mug missing from the pantry again. Or on top of a desk it has no business on.
If all else fails, remember that the most important purpose of a team-bonding activity is straightforward: for a team to bond. It can be carried out simply by having a team meal or even holding a weekend retreat at a chalet. The ideas are endless!
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