Talent Management Asia: HR solutions according to CareerBuilder
Talent Management Asia: HR solutions according to CareerBuilder

Posted on 09 March 2016

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“A recent survey shows 56% of employers in Singapore are unsure of how technology and integrated solutions can aid their HR process and recruitment efforts to meet the hard demands of attracting and managing talent,” says Jessica Ang, marketing director at CareerBuilder. “In fact, only 2% of companies here actually use HR technology in their recruitment mix to increase hiring efficiency.”

These critical issues in talent management and human capital strategy will be discussed at Talent Management Asia, the region’s leading HR strategy conference. CareerBuilder will be represented by Chris Welch, vice president of TalentStream Technology, who will share his expertise surrounding “How HR professionals can leverage on technology to make more informed and apt decisions to stay ahead of the curve in talent management”.

Read the full article to find out more about Talent Management Asia 2016, as well as the role CareerBuilder's TalentStream Technology plays in talent management planning. The full article was first featured on Human Resources Online on 08/03/2016. 

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