Spilling the beans on Broadbean technology
Spilling the beans on Broadbean technology

Posted on 23 June 2015

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As we have shared in our previous post, recruitment platforms enable hiring managers to hunt for talents online by means of job postings, applicant tracking and social media referrals. In this article we will go in-depth into how CareerBuilder Singapore’s Broadbean technology provides a comprehensive recruitment ecosystem for organisations.
Broadbean allows hiring managers to conduct a job posting distribution to multiple channels – including social media platforms. The technology can also be scaled up to include insights from Broadbean’s own Big Data Analytics Solution (BDAS). Below, we will shed light on two key functions of Broadbean that can empower your recruitment process.
Job Posting & Distribution
Posting a job online may seem easy enough, but there are many aspects to fulfil to ensure its effectiveness. One would need to draft the ad copy, track the performance of job portals and follow up on the outcome of individual ads.
Broadbean eliminates the need for such hassle by allowing recruiters to create ads, monitor them and distribute them to over 7,000 job boards. Job posts can be pushed out to a range of social media platforms including Facebook, Linked-in and Google+. Broadbean allows hiring managers to easily perform multiple tasks like viewing applications and responses, ranking potential candidates and replying questions – all in a single pane of view.
Big Data Analytics Solutions (BDAS)
Once hiring managers have understood the inner-workings of a recruitment platform, they can then leverage BDAS to fine-tune their talent acquisition practices and improve recruitment spend. The analytics solution works by pulling and analysing pre-hire data from job boards, career sites, social media platforms, and ATS (E.G: CareerBuilder 1). The information is then distilled into a single page, or report, for easy viewing of the entire recruitment programme.
Some benefits include:
·         Tracking and measuring the performance of job ads on specific job boards
o   Hiring managers can use these insights to narrow down high-performing job boards and monitor multiple responses during a recruitment campaign

·         Ability to determine average time needed to fill certain types of roles
o   This data can help recruiters buffer additional time in-between hiring campaigns, and identify key phases where talent is ripe in the market

·         Gaining knowledge of cost per hire
o   Hiring managers can use these insights to brief internal stakeholders on the resources required for individual or multiple hires
o   Both HR leaders and C-level executives can then take calculated steps to make informed talent-related decisions for the organisation

With these innovative technologies, recruiters will be able to cut down on the amount of resources spent during hiring campaigns, set expectations for internal stakeholders, brainstorm alternative recruitment tactics and plan their budgets appropriately. 
To learn more about CareerBuilder Singapore’s Broadbean technology, drop us an email at sg.cb1@careerbuilder.com or contact us at 6778 5288. 
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