HR's Evolution: The Now
HR's Evolution: The Now

Posted on 29 May 2015

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As the saying goes, the only constant is change. Indeed, this is notably true for the Human Resources (HR) department, and boy have the times changed! It wasn’t too long ago when securing an interview was only possible after flipping pages and pages of recruitment ads in the papers, or knocking on the doors of prospective employers.
But technology has helped to smoothen plenty of processes. And we don’t just mean the ability to post recruitment ads on portals while sitting back and waiting for the resumes to stream in. Here are some ways technology have proven beneficial for HR professionals.
Track your applicants (not literally)
If your organisation hasn’t already, it’s high time to begin the journey to a smoother recruitment process by investing in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS is a software application which enables the digital handling of recruitment needs. It is able to handle a variety of processes, depending on the software used. For example, an ATS is able to check on candidate’s previous submissions; and it allows the recruiter or hiring manager to glean information such as comments on why the candidate was not shortlisted previously.
Go big (data) or go home
Big data makes your recruitment processes easier by taking info from a macro level and funneling it down into convenient pieces of information. It is possible to analyse employee data with workforce analytics to understand the skills and qualities you should be looking out for. It’s also able to answer critical questions such as cost per hire, employee turnout rate and factors leading to hire failures. With all these information, which otherwise cannot be extracted manually, HR professionals will be able to hire more efficiently.
Go social!
There are costs involved in mobile recruiting – you’ll have to optimise your recruitment page so that candidates can browse for jobs on-the-go. But it has many advantages in this tech-savvy culture – the first being convenience. With smartphones, potential candidates are able to be notified of job openings almost instantly, which means they’ll always be aware of potential positions. The world is going mobile, and without this investment, you could be losing out on candidates who may prefer to peruse job openings while on the move.
As we move towards becoming a more technology-centred society, we cannot afford to even take a breather while the world moves past us. This is especially true for HR – some solutions will become obsolete when better technology takes over. Are you ready for the future?
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