Essentials of Employer Branding: External Branding
Essentials of Employer Branding: External Branding

Posted on 05 March 2015

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A few weeks ago we talked about how to brand your company internally; this week we will touch on how organisations can go about establishing an external brand that creates an impact. External branding is responsible for how your company is positioned under the public eye, and which may require some investment in monetary or other forms. Here’s how you can create a good lasting impression externally.
Take Care of your Job Ad
The first resource an interested applicant would explore when he/she is job hunting is a job site. This is why the job ads that you advertise on these job sites have to be attractive enough to capture the attention of capable applicants.
In your job ad, include a lively description that showcases the benefits of a job position within your company. It will also bode well for your recruiting activities when you are able to succinctly describe your office culture and the values you believe in.
(Try to) Be Mother Teresa
Everyone loves a do-gooder – this is why it pays for your organisation to be in partnership with a charitable organisation that champions causes you feel strongly about.
Market yourself as an employer with a heart by organising events that support a good cause, such as through hosting a blood donation drive or undertaking a beach clean-up. This not only allows outsiders to associate your company with care; it also allows your staff to benefit from a boost in morale and partake in fellowship.
Reach the Public Eye
Your company should find means to reach the public eye – for instance, offer your company up as a sponsor for marathons or mass festivals such as the Chingay Celebration and the National Day Parade. This affords participants and attendees sight to your name.
In addition, try to make efforts to connect with social media celebrities or bloggers relevant to your industry. A mention of your company in their blog post or social media accounts might see a boost in public interest about your company!
Just Do It. Create Taglines, That Is
Trying to create a tagline for your brand? Creating one can be tricky, especially if yours is not a consumer brand. It’s best to create one that is in line with your company’s goals, even if it doesn’t fully reflect it – even though this may not make your tagline the most exciting, it still has the potential to be catchy and effectively hit home.
Nurturing your internal brand should be as much a priority as you when do your external brand. Only after you have attained good branding will it be so much easier to attract talents to your interview door, customers to your products and investments on your business. These certainly make for enough reasons to set aside time and budget to brand your company well!
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