Recruitment Platforms: How they can help you with your talent hunt
Recruitment Platforms: How they can help you with your talent hunt

Posted on 17 June 2015

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Newspaper classified ads used to be the preferred platform for talent attraction a decade ago. However, most recruiters have since moved away from this platform to go online, thus gaining more direct access to the large, qualified and diverse pool of potential hires. Recruiters and employers of today tap on job portals and social media to reach out to a wider pool of potential candidates, and fully mobile-optimise their career page for the best results. 

Job Portals

What are Job portals? In summary, they are online platforms that enable recruiters to hunt for talents by providing specific job descriptions, and for candidates to search for relevant jobs easily. Popular local job portals include JobsCentral, which reaches out to more than 800,000 users monthly.

Job portals generally attract applicants who wish to enter an industry within a wide range, and there are plenty of job positions for applicants to fill. These are great platforms for recruiters who want to cast their nets wide and maximise the number of applicants for the job posting.

Social Media

Professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn can also serve as a way to reach out to more candidates. For example, referrals can be made on LinkedIn, making it possible to proactively refer people when you hear of a suitable match. The search tool on LinkedIn is what makes it works so well as a recruitment tool: it allows you to search for candidates based on keywords, such as qualifications or skills. For recruiters, the search tool is also valuable as it allows them to be searched by candidates via keywords.

Recruitment on-the-go

In the Smartphone age, potential candidates are able to be notified of job openings almost instantly. Therefore, it is important to mobile-optimise your portal so that candidates can browse for jobs on-the-go. The world is going mobile, and without this investment, you could be losing out on candidates who may prefer to peruse job openings anywhere and anytime.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to know precisely how each type of platform works to identify which best suits your recruitment needs. Access your requirements and know the type of candidates you are looking for before posting the job ad. If all else fails, there are also other HR tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems available to help you with your talent hunt. Good luck!
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