CareerBuilder Singapore’s Solutions Optimised for SMEs
CareerBuilder Singapore’s Solutions Optimised for SMEs

Posted on 24 March 2015

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In a recent speech, Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Trade and Industry, commented that local businesses performed well in 2014 despite having to deal with challenges like rising costs, competition and a tight manpower landscape. Speaking to an audience mainly made up of top SME business owners, he commended their innovation and use of technology to streamline processes, as well as success in attracting top talent.  
In our earlier posts (here and here), we touched on how automated HR and recruitment solutions enhance internal workflow and boost recruitment efforts. In this article, we’ll share the gritty details of how CareerBuilder Singapore’s recruitment solutions can work to save time and money for SMEs.  
CareerBuilder 1 Starter   
What it is: The CareerBuilder 1 Starter solution provides businesses with the basic tools and a platform to attract and manage both active and passive talents.

Job ad distribution and management
- Allows posting on multiple online job boards with added integration onto your company’s social media assets

Personalised career site (Mobile optimised)
- One-stop site showcasing all job openings
- Uncomplicated application method
- Option to showcase information about the company and direct interested parties to the corporate website

Talent Network
- Dedicated Talent Network button on the client’s corporate website and social media channels
- Forms a network of passive candidates who are interested but not ready to apply
- Keeps these candidates updated by matching their interests with new job openings and company news

Candidate management
- One dashboard for viewing, categorising and interacting with candidates
- Simple interface which allows hiring managers to send out emails and keep candidates updated with the recruitment process

Analytics tools
- Allows hiring managers to measure pipeline growth, assess candidate skill sets, site traffic and source of candidate traffic

In a nutshell: CareerBuilder 1 Starter is optimised for small-sized businesses that are new to digitising their recruitment process. By having multiple posting capabilities and a dedicated dashboard, hiring managers save the time taken to manually post ads and reply emails. Furthermore, the analytics tools fine-tune subsequent hiring efforts by letting you know which job boards and social media platforms yield the most interest. 

CareerBuilder 1 Premium
What it is: CareerBuilder 1 Premium is a customisable recruitment solution that builds on the CareerBuilder 1 Starter platform. This option provides businesses with an efficient, easy-to-use recruitment and candidate management interface.    

Applicant tracking
Uncomplicated user interface to track candidate progress, as well as store interview notes, screening questions and correspondence history
- Colour-coded status flags to denote candidate suitability and progress on one page

Resume parsing and database
- Patented parsing technology allows information from resumes to be auto populated into your hiring database
- Ability to import hardcopy and softcopy resumes into the database 

Insights and analytics reporting tool
- Real-time data distilled to provide hiring managers with information on how to improve recruitment processes
- Analytics tool provides information on pipeline growth, candidate skill sets, site traffic and candidate sources

Customisable career site (Mobile Optimised)

Talent Network

Job ad distribution and candidate management
In a nutshell: CareerBuilder 1 Premium is ideal for medium-sized businesses that intend to sustain long-term recruitment efforts. The applicant tracking system helps recruiters save time by matching candidates to jobs based on their skills. Additionally, the reporting tool provides in-depth data on the quality of candidates, suggested distribution channels and how the recruitment process can be optimised.

To conclude, organisations need to know that poorly managed recruitment efforts lead to time wastage and additional business costs. By having an automated recruitment solution, companies can stay competitive by reaching top talent, while improving their bottom-line.  
CareerBuilder Singapore’s recruitment solutions qualify for a range of government grants. To learn more, drop us an email at or contact us at 6778 5288. 
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