CareerBuilder’s Recruitment Solutions for 2016
CareerBuilder’s Recruitment Solutions for 2016

By SGStory

Posted on 03 March 2016

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In spite of the grim economic outlook for a majority of industries this year, there are key departments that will need constant replenishment – Sales being one of them. In such departments, advanced recruitment strategies are required in order to capture talent that will contribute to the progress of the organisation. Here, CareerBuilder Singapore shares how businesses can harness improved technologies to magnetise the right people to a job.
1.    CareerBuilder’s TalentStream Engage
Essentially a talent-pipelining solution, TalentStream Engage provides employers with a platform to reach potential candidates, and ensure that job application processes are as painless as possible. The solution is available on multiple platforms, and optimised for use on social media. Interested candidates can “join” the company’s network in two easy steps, and gain access to job openings, company updates and career advice.
Why It’s Suited For Your Organisation
TalentStream Engage is best suited for organisations that are looking to move away from legacy recruitment methods. This solution provides the basic infrastructure to attract and engage with talented individuals who are looking for better prospects and career advancement. Additionally, the mobile optimised talent network allows tech savvy candidates to follow, and apply for job openings from any platform they choose.
2.    CareerBuilder’s TalentStream Recruit
TalentStream Recruit is a talent acquisition and pre-hire reporting platform rolled into one. It helps HR professionals with talent-pipelining, job distribution boosting to more than 7,000 job boards, and resume parsing (a patented software that draws candidate info into an easily readable format).
The solution also comes equipped with a customisable dashboard that tracks the effectiveness of any one recruitment strategy and funnel – down to specific job portals and even the type of job opening an organisation puts out.
Why It’s Suited For Your Organisation
TalentStream Recruit provides organisations with a holistic view of their recruitment processes. Recruiters save time by viewing a singular platform that tracks interested candidates and their resumes, instead of manually going through email after email of applications.
This is especially important for HR professionals, who are tasked to report on ROI from their hiring strategies. With this solution, they have all the essential information on hand – from candidate application progress, efficiency of job posting and even the level of engagement from career eDMs and job blasts.  
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