April Fools' Day Special: Safe Office Pranks
April Fools' Day Special: Safe Office Pranks

Posted on 31 March 2015

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Oh, that time of year we all love to hate. April Fools’ Day is when colleagues try to outwit and out-prank each other by coming up with the most elaborate, ridiculous and resource-wasting antics imaginable.

It will bode well for your day’s mood if you bear in mind that all pranks played are in the name of good, clean fun. Come into the office on 1 April with an open mind – and with your eyes peeled open – and be ready to bounce back with a good, hearty laugh.

But if you don’t want to only be at the compromising end of a prank, we bring you a list of some workplace shenanigans you can perform on April Fools’ to give you the chance of wielding the upper hand:

The toilet paper prank

We’ve probably all seen or heard this one before, but the prank never gets old. Wrap everything on your colleague’s desk with toilet paper – from his/her desktop and keyboard to his/her telephone and coffee cup. In fact, you don’t have to strictly stick to toilet paper – play around with velvet cloth or wrapping paper if you will!

This items-wrapping prank is also pretty easy to carry out – and friendly on your wallet if it’s done with toilet paper. Just be sure your victim is not an avid environmentalist!

Pick up their phone – no, not to answer it

Have a colleague who never learns better than to leave his/her phone lying around? This prank may or may not teach her a lesson, but it would certainly incite a few laughs!

You can either set a blood-curdling scream as his/her ringtone or download the ‘Crack Screen’ app, available for both iPhone and Android users. As its name suggests, your undiscerning victim will scratch his/her head in puzzlement as his/her phone screen starts to form nasty-looking cracks. 

…Or you can just do both.

Just Desserts

Confuse your victim by handing him/her with a handsome box of maple swirl cookies and saying, “These are for you. It has nothing to do with April Fools’ Day, trust me.”

No need to sift in a dash of chilli powder – let your gift be exactly what it says on the tin. This may not be a prank per se, but it will be interesting to see your colleagues become especially wary and rack their brains in attempt to figure out what plot you have – or have not – hatched.

And if they do enjoy the entirely edible and satisfyingly delectable cookies, then good for you and take delight in the brownie points you have earned.

The Con-Call Con

Prank two of your colleagues at once by calling Victim #1’s DID and then quickly calling Victim #2’s and pushing the conference call button. Now both Victim #1 and #2 will puzzle over who called whom and possibly even argue about it. Come in at an appropriate time to exclaim “Happy April Fools’ Day!”

Now that you have these ridiculous pranks up your sleeve, go on to confuse and disorientate your fellow colleagues. Happy April Fools’! 
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