Budget 2015: What the Schemes Would Mean For Employers

Budget 2015 introduces new ways for individuals and companies as a whole to expand their capabilities. We break down the schemes covered in Budget 2015 that both employees and employers can and should tap on.

HR Departments As Effective Business Partners

A HRBP’s input at the management table is vital. Their extensive research and industry-specific insights put them in a good position to give advice on and chart the company’s training roadmap.

How HR Roles Have Evolved

The roles of HR professionals have extended beyond administrative work and traditional recruiting. HR professionals of today are instrumental in strategy planning and bringing pertinent insights onto the management table.

Chinese New Year edition: ‘Pantang’ in the Office

As we usher in a new year of prosperity, employers may pay homage to (weird) cultural practices that have been thought to facilitate the accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Think your employers are outright ridiculous for calling in the lion dance troop? Well, we’ve heard worse.

What Is Employer Branding And Why Is It Important?

‘Monetary benefits’ is not the only factor that makes an employer an employer of choice. We explore ways to strengthen your company brand and mark yourself as a favourable employer in the eyes of the public.

The Singapore Employment Report Card

Our labour market remains tight, according to some MOM reports released earlier this year. We pore over the reports and bring you their highlights – as well as our takeaway.