5 Basic Hiring Tips for an Easy Process

Whether you are an SME putting the JSS to good use or a large MNC coming out of a hiring freeze like UOB earlier this year, the important thing is: you are in the market for new people for your business.

With all the buzz about job creation, upskilling and traineeships going around, it may be easy to lose sight of the basics of hiring. That is why we think a reminder is timely.

If you are new to hiring, these 5 pointers will make for a good starting point. And if you are a seasoned hiring manager, refresh yourself (and your hiring process) to ensure that you are getting the right talent at the right cost.

  1. Go the traditional route

Unless you run a unique outfit with a standout work culture, avoid a job description full of puns and inside jokes. Jobseekers may not ever see your witty posting because they will not be searching for it. A Workopolis study found that job postings with standard, industry-specific job titles were easier to find and more likely to have higher job views and applications.

Job seekers are also increasingly searching by keywords relevant to their industries. For tech jobs, these were skills and technological certificates (e.g., Ruby on Rails, Oracle) and in finance, they focused on educational qualifications (e.g., degrees, MBAs).

  1. Streamline your application process

You can test this by opening up a new browser window and attempting to apply to your own company. Do you find your recruitment page easy to navigate, and do you understand the job description? If you hit any snags or find that the process is taking a long time, chances are jobseekers will feel the same.

According to CareerBuilder research, 1 in 5 candidates won’t complete an application that takes 20 minutes or longer, and drop-off rates increase as more screener questions arise. Streamline your application process by implementing autofill and batch apply functions that save applicants’ time.

  1. Refine the candidate experience

Some years ago, a local bakery faced a big scandal went a job applicant’s story about being told she was unreliable because of her race went viral. Such communications are only the tip of the iceberg, it is now common for candidates to check company reviews on Glassdoor or even Google.

Avoid cultivating a bad reputation of your company by ensuring that candidates are kept updated and well-informed throughout the hiring process, and keep your job interviews professional and polite. A remarkable 82% of job seekers expect employers to provide a clear timeline for the hiring process and keep them updated throughout, a CareerBuilder study found.

  1. Focus your interviews

In today’s job market, candidates are prepared to accept more than one round of interviews for a position. However, if you keep calling them back four or five times over, they are likely to find the process too tedious and drop out.

Keep the number of interviews to two or three max, and make them as convenient as possible for the candidate. It is now common practice to have an initial interview via phone or video, and bring in only your top candidates for group or panel interviews. This way, you respect the candidate’s time while still getting the opportunity to understand them, thus reducing time-to-hire.

  1. Utilise a referral programme

Companies with referral programs have an average retention rate of 46%, compared to 33% for employers using only career sites.

After all, your employees are the people who know your company best and can easily spot a great fit. So, one of the first items of your hiring agenda should be an employee referral program that incentivises staff members to find and refer potential hires.


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