Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy in 2017
Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy in 2017

By Geralyne Kaye

Posted on 16 December 2016

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2016 is coming to an end. As work starts winding down leading up to the holidays, take this opportune time to review the year’s recruitment plans and start making plans for the next. With a tight labour market and slowing economy contributing to most recruitment problems, a well thought-out strategy can certainly help.
So if you are looking to ensure that 2017’s recruitment strategies more effective than this year’s, here are a few ways to help you achieve that.

Acknowledge Recruitment Problems
The first step to rectify any problem or improving any strategy is to look inward, and review the efforts put into resolving an identified problem. What could have been done better? Could the situation have been prevented? Take a systematic approach to them and address the problems in as much detail as possible. A good approach would be to convene with the rest of the team to brainstorm on ideas and steps, which can be implemented to avoid committing the same mistakes.

Perception of Your Company
It might seem that the perception or general view of your company may not be important when recruiting, but it really is. Simply put, giving prospective candidates an idea of how your company works will increase chances of applications, and give them an idea of what is expected of them. A great office environment and a set of ethical company’s values are some key attributes prospective candidates look for in a company. An easy way to get around this would be to set up (or update) the company’s “About Us” and “Frequently Asked Questions” webpages. This would help answer any pressing questions prospective candidates may have while on their job hunt.

Make Each Interview Count
The worst thing about conducting an interview are the prolonged awkward silences or losing control of the interview. Take this window to review your interview process. Ask yourself: are interviews conducted in a professional and methodical manner? If not, review and refine your processes to ensure each and every candidate receives fair treatment. On the flip side, having a functional and systematic approach will give interviewers better insights of each candidate before making a decision.

Look Inwardly for Talent
If you meet a wall with finding a suitable match to your job vacancy, or if job recruiters are not bringing in quality candidates, how about looking inward within the company? Promoting an employee within the company is a great way to save job advertising costs and helps boosts morale within the department. Another alternative would be to have your colleagues or employees refer someone they know would be a great fit for the vacancy. Research on employee referrals show that employee referrals are a viable method of recruiting with a higher application-to-hire ratio, retention, job satisfaction and on-the-job performance. Well-known international companies including Google are known to adopt this method of recruitment, so why not give it a try?

Looking for more ways to beef up your recruitment plans for 2017? Here are a few HR solutions which might be of interest you. 
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