4 Nifty Ideas to Spice Up Your Office Party
4 Nifty Ideas to Spice Up Your Office Party

By Geralyne Kaye

Posted on 16 December 2016

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December marks the season of office Christmas parties and Dinner and Dance events. More than just a way to show appreciation to employees for their hard work, office parties help boost morale and foster a closer bond between colleagues. As the last official party of the year, here are some great ideas to spice it up and end the working year with a bang!

Try a Different Theme
It may be a Christmas party, but this does not mean that the theme has to stay boring and predictable with themes like winter wonderland and back to school. Break away from these themes and give other interesting themes a try. Think 60’s swing band, mafia nights, Americana or even Pokémon – the possibilities are endless. Better yet, engage your colleagues to join in the planning and fun, have them vote via an emailer on their preferred theme. Lastly, to encourage fellow employees and colleagues to participate, be sure to include a competition for the best dressed of the night!

Capture Moments – Instantly
Pictures speak a thousand words. Having an instant photo booth accompanied with fun props is a great way to kick start the party. This also lets everyone head home with a customised memento of sorts. If hiring a vendor is not budget-friendly, an alternative would be to rent a polaroid camera and set up a simple photo-booth with a similarly themed backdrop and props which can be easily found online.

Pro Tip: Remember to purchase enough film for the event! Any extra can always be recycled for the next office gathering.

Get Everyone Moving
Get them off their seats and hearts thumping! Be it an epic retro dancefloor shakedown or silly team building games which require some running around. This is a great opportunity for people across different departments to mingle, so do not waste it. Alternatively, tamer games like Bingo, Taboo or trivia are also great as they can be played as a group.

Remember to Keep Everyone Safe
With the open bar and activities going on, some attendees might not be fit to drive or head home alone. Depending on the budget, set aside a small sum to cater transport for those who you or the recreational team deem should call it an early night. Transport does not necessarily have to be taxis, which can be slightly costly. Tap on other sources like Uber, Grab or even getting a colleague to be the designated driver – just remember to ensure everyone gets home safely.

We hope that these few ideas can help inspire you to plan out an unforgettable party, which your colleagues and employees would be talking about for some time. From all of us at CareerBuilder Singapore, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
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